Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Draw A Sports Car 3/4 Rear View

Today we are going to learn how to draw a sports car 3/4 rear view.

Start, of course, with the wheels. My ellipses still need some work.

Next is the body. I actually started putting some design elements right at the corner of this car sketch.

After that is the cabin. Because of the very low view point the cabin looks really small. These are some o the things you have to take in to account for learning how to draw a car. These kind of details help a lot to the look of the car.

Here's where the good stuff starts. Draw the rear details. Come up with a cool tail light design. Also put some vents. I gave some form details to the side of the car. Lastly draw the rear window, which is very inclined, and the side window.

Further detailing now. At the back I did a triple exhaust, like a Ferrari 458 or F40, and a diffuser. Draw the far side wheels and finish the one that is closer to you. Draw the side mirror and the door.

Now these are the finishing design details for this car drawing. Draw the rims, the body panels, light details, and i divided the rear central vent in half.

Now go for the dark areas like the bottom of the car along with the tires, the inside of the rims and the air out lets.

Lastly, some shading. Very light for a little contrast.

I really like this drawing. Just a couple of observations: I forgot to draw the door handle (sorry). And,  notice that the in front wheel the shading is lighter that at the rear wheels. This is because it is further away and it helps give the drawing some depth.

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